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Month: October 2017

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Leads Bradesco To Its Market-Dominance Plunge

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With the numerous viable investment opportunities in Brazil, only a small number of people have the urge and relentlessness to attract a deserved break-through as polished business executives, with a charismatic charm to elicit recognition from media powerhouses and industrial counterparts alike. One sort of an individual is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the President of Bradesco, a leading financial institution in Brazil. He is a financial expert whose remarks about matters of finance often get into print media.

The succession stories at Bradesco have been faced with a heightened level of resistance. Naturally, Carlos Trabuco’s nomination to assume the pinnacle of the bank’s management was surrounded by a cloud of turbulence. The ones deemed to be potential successors scarcely partake in the debate, as was with Marcio Cypriano, who succeeded Lazaro Brandao in 1999. Similarly, in 1981 Brandao was regarded as an “underdog” when the stage was set to replace Bradesco founder, Amador Aguilar. It is 2009 that the grey-bearded executives at Banco de Deus’s Board saw Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the ideal personality for the bank’s presidency: Perhaps because of his 40-year service to the organization.

The Economic Nut-Shell

Mr. Luiz Trabuco joined Bradesco in 1969 as a mere clerk and is now at the top of things at the bank, having also served as the chair of Bradesco Insurance Group with a trail of career awards. Therefore, his reputation as a financial and management expert precedes him.

However, he assumes office amid a looming market-share backdrop for the bank. This adversity comes despite his predecessor, Marcio Cypriano having overturned the initial Bradesco valuation of $5 billion to a whopping $30 billion. The once leader in Brazil’s financial markets now sits in 2nd position behind Itau Unibanco.

Responding to an inquisition about the issue, Trabuco stated, “Market leadership is not a priority. The important thing is for us to remain committed to serving the municipalities with world-class financial solutions. Importantly, the 58-year-old needs to develop sustainable growth strategies that will prompt Bradesco’s reclamation of its market leadership at an age when the rate of loan growth is projected to dive further than it was in 2008 and 2009. Credit Suisse reported that the bank’s return on equity in 2009 would be 2.1% shy of the reported percentage in 2008, which was 23.4%.

The HSBC Successful Acquisition

With a green light from the Board’s Chair, Lazaro Brandao, Trabuco Cappi orchestrated the acquisition of HSBC (Brazil). According to Mr. Luiz Cappi, the purchase of HSBC for $5.2 billion has steered the institution toward great milestones, which could only be attained through years of gradual, organic growth.

Career Awards

Albeit reports estimated that Banco de Deus (Bradesco) would receive the green light, following HSBC’s acquisition, Trabuco’s success in elevating the bank’s status led to him being crowned as the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Financial Sector by Dinheiro.

Additionally, while serving as the Chairman of Bradesco Insurance and Pension Group, he was a prolific campaigner who advocated for the development of insurance brokerage systems. As per his thoughts, insurance services are like a third arm of the government, that should cater for the welfare of society. His positive stance on the subject led to his reception of the Insurance Personality of the Year in 2003 and 2007.

Early Life and Academic Achievements

Luiz Trabuco Cappi was born in Marilia, Sao Paolo in 1951. He led an ordinary life, but his optimism somewhat added a tug of positivism, which he maintained all through college and attained a Degree in Philosophy from the University of Sao Paolo.

Typically, his official days start at 7 O’ Clock in the morning, which are usually filled myriad meetings, some of which extend into the evening business dinner gatherings. In fact, his name cropped up as the would-be Minister of Finance, but he declined for his dedication to Bradesco.

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Lori Senecal’s Career Confirms that She is One of the leading Women in the Corporate World

Published / by StevenLHarris

Lori Senecal’s career inspires both admiration and envy. She is a revered business leader who has received numerous awards and has been honored by different respectable publications. She pursued Sales and Marketing, and she is passionate about marketing primarily digital marketing. But her managerial skills and ability to tremendously improve the people and the organizations she is involved with is outstanding. At present, Lori is the Global CEO of the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky (sometimes shortened to CP+B). Her role involves coordinating the activities of the ten global offices of the agency as well as strategizing on the agency’s global growth and expansion.

Although Lori has worked for many organizations, her work as the Global Chairman and CEO of KBS is hard to ignore. She joined the New York-based advertising agency when it was focusing only on the local market. Lori came up with a plan that saw KBS expand into other territories. Of course, with the expansion came new job opportunities, hundreds of them. Lori knows that a conducive work environment guarantees positive results; when she joined KBS, she set out to establish an inclusive environment, and going by Crain’s assertion, KBS was one of “Best Places to Work in NYC.” Also, going by the Advertising Age’s view, KBS rightly belonged in its “Standout Agencies” list for three years in a row. Before she continued her career at KBS, Lori was the President of McCann Erickson’s New York office, and prior to that, she served as the Chief Innovation Officer for McCann Worldgroup.

According to Fast Company, a constant show of magnificent performance attracts awards and recognition in equal measure. While at KBS, she featured in Advertising Age’s “Women to Watch” list. Still, in the same institution, Lori was awarded the Quantum Leap award for leadership and innovation. Recently, Fast Company recognized Lori as one of the “Creative People in Business” in 2017.

At CP+B, Lori is flying the company’s flag high. Just a year after she joined CP+B, the company experienced an impressive rise in revenues. She has put her people’s skill at work as CP+B is gaining new clients from its competitors while it is losing none itself. Follow her on Twitter for more

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Roberto Santiago the Influential Figure behind the Iconic Manaira Shopping Mall

Published / by StevenLHarris

Roberto Santiago is currently one of the most respected businessmen who are based in Brazil. The businessman has a lot of fame because of his numerous accomplishments in the competitive market. The serial entrepreneur is a role model to young people who want to venture into the modern market. This fame did not come easily.


When growing up, Roberto Santiago knew that he wanted to become an investor. The road to this success, just like most cases was tough and challenging. When he finished his high school education, the respected mall investor chose to go to college and acquire some skills. Although he did not have too much money to afford some of the most prestigious universities in the world, he was fortunate to acquire education from decent schools in Brazil. His educational background has been critical in his career.


When Roberto graduated from the university, he was eager to venture into the corporate department, just like everyone else and make a good living. There were very many opportunities in the market, and most of them were waiting for him. However, the pay was little, and the businessman would be forced to spend so many hours in the office. This was not the kind of life Roberto Santiago was interested in. In a very short time, he was already fed up of the busy schedules he was subjected to.


Roberto decided to quit an employment so that he could concentrate on his ventures. The first enterprise from the successful businessman was a cartonnage company. Although he had minimal earnings at his disposal, the businessman worked hard to make his cartonnage company one of the most successful and profitable in the region. The institution laid the foundation for his successful career in business. In the year 1987, Santiago had made some money, and he decided to use some of this savings to purchase a strategic piece of land. The land would transform his career life in less than five years.


In 1989, Roberto Santiago completed the construction of a mall called the Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. When the businessman opened the mall for consumers several years ago, he did not know that it would attract the attention of so many people in the world. The Manaira Shopping Mall has several businesses, and they have done very well. The facilities available in the mall are out of this word, and they make sure that there are thousands of shoppers flocking the mall day and night. The modern equipment in the mall has played a crucial role in the success of the facility. The gym is modern and has experienced personnel who focus on the customer experience. The movie theater is a great feature too.