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Month: December 2017

Fabletics Keeps Athletic Clothing Fans Excited

Published / by StevenLHarris

When people see Kate Hudson these days they are going to she that she is doing much more than just entertainment. She is doing less with movies and promoting different entertainment ventures because her mind and all of her focus has been set on making Fabletics the best athletic clothing company around. This brand has evolved in a wonderful way, and people are really taking interest in what she is doing with this brand.


Fabletics is a powerhouse when it comes to athletic clothing. It is hard to beat what Kate Hudson is doing because she already has the exposure that is needed to build a powerful brand. People already know her from acting so she was already someone that had established a fanbase before she got connected to this clothing line.


She has the ability to capture the attention of millions through social media alone. Kate Hudson has many fans so she could simply utilize Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets like Instagram without doing any commercials.


Kate Hudson realized that did what was the thing that allowed her to build a presence with an online crowd. Now she has a desire to open more physical stores, and she realizes that commercials for television are good with capturing the attention of those that do not actually utilize social media.


Kate Hudson has been able to really build a great fan base through Twitter and Facebook, but now she has people laughing at commercials that she appears in because she took the comedic approach to connecting with her audience. Women are finding the commercials hilarious, and this is something that creates conversations about Fabletics. It has a been a good thing for Kate Hudson to do with the Fabletics brand.


It is proof that she can connect with consumers even if they may not know about her work as an actress. Kate Hudson has the ability to connect with a millennial crowd as well even though she is not part of the millennial age group. She has been smart enough to do this by getting Demi Lovato in place with a limited time edition of the Fabletics clothing that Demi Lovato helped design.


This is a great way for the romantic comedy actress that became the co-founder of Fabletics to connect with the youth. She also has the ability to grow her customer base with an older crowd as well. Some people recognize Kate Hudson as an actress for a middle-aged group, but there are still older people that recognize her simply as the daughter of Goldie Hawn. This is a crowd of older people that may be working out and utilizing Fabletics clothing as well. This is even more star power for Kate Hudson to utilize to get people interested in her clothing.


For those that admire Kate Hudson and aspire to be like her there is the Kate Hudson activewear that she created for Fabletics. Kate also has a lot of her personal pics for the clothes.