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Month: June 2018

End Citizens United: Fighting Against Illegal Political Campaigns

Published / by StevenLHarris

End Citizens United was founded with the sole purpose of monitoring and ending the illegal funds that are put into political campaigns for special interests. This group works to help pro-reform candidates running for office get elected because of their fairness and transparency of where their campaign funding came from. This group works with campaigns that have ballot measuring. Ballet measuring campaigns help pass laws to better measure and watch campaign funding.

End Citizens United is a grassroot organization funded by donors big and small from all over the United States. The organization is located in Washington, D.C. The organization is ran by a strong leadership. This political action committee’s president is Tiffany Muller. The executive VP is Matt Burgess and Adam Bozzi is in charge of communications. The board of directors boast a lot of knowledge in campaigns, government and politics which helps this organization succeed.

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court made a history altering decision when it ruled that Citizens United could be funded by untraceable money. The money this political action committee gets is now legal to come from unknown sources with unknown amounts for American elections. The lack of transparency this involves has made it extremely easy for donors to fund campaigns and in return get candidates to make legislation that benefits them once they are elected. Essentially, the ultra wealthy can buy a candidate into position to get that candidate to work in its favor. End Citizens United was created to fight the illegal ways campaigns are being funded to only suit a tiny amount of the population. Typically, the political action committee aligns with the Democratic party because of their principles.

Recently, Rick Scott has been in the news for having his hands tied to illegal forms of funding for his senator campaign. Charges have been placed against him in the past for a connection to Medicare fraud. He resigned once the company he was CEO of began getting investigated by the FBI and had to cough up over one billion dollars in fines. As a candidate for U.S. Senate, he has also been had to take on more fraud responsibility but denies this. He denies any miss use of campaign funds. End Citizens United aims to expose and fight situations like this when there is a believable cause that a candidate is running a campaign that’s funded by illegal means of money.

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The Chainsmoker’s Genre Bending Style

Published / by StevenLHarris

The song “Somebody” by the Chainsmokers is representative of their unique genre-bending style. Influence from Taylor Swift, the Weeknd, and Bruno Mars is layered throughout the song in an interwoven mashup. The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) transcends anyone’s preference into a common ground. How do they do that?

The first layer of the track was on a modular synthesizer. Andrew Taggart used a modular synth that contained a keyboard and a series of module knobs. He laid the base sound of the first layer, repeating a similar tune with variations.

The next layer was played on piano by Alex Pall. Still a baseline of sound, Alex played a series of chords to add a bit of complexity to the song. The piano chords are clear in the intro of the melody.

The baseline comes in subtly as the song progresses. Then Andrew sings into a voice recorder, “You know just know what I like.” The layers are patched together using a computer program and the pitch is changed. He explains in the short video that he raised it two steps. After adding the electronic keyboard, the soundtrack was complete. Only the vocals were missing.

Of course, there is more to their music than the technical stuff. After making music industry history as the first Dance Artist/DJ to rank number 1 on the Billboard Music Chart, it was back into the studio to create something new, then modify it into something new again. The background vocal was originally slower, and lower pitched.

It’s no wonder the art history and music business major would understand the entanglement of time. Partnered by a former intern for Interscope Records among the diverse musical culture, the duo was destined to redefine musical style, create something transcendent, and provide a soundtrack that we could live to.


Anti-aging research supported by Jason Hope

Published / by StevenLHarris

There is one medical conditions which affect every human being no matter who they are. It is called aging. Aging is considered a natural process that human beings cannot run away from. No matter how healthy you eat, aging will catch up with you. It is the coly common condition for all human beings. There might not be anything wrong with aging were it not for the diseases that this condition comes with. Aging is a condition that is deemed irreversible of avoidable. Due to this fact. Old age diseases are accepted as if they are normal things. Aging comes with disease which make the health of old citizen unbearable. It is the old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease which make it hard for human beings to enjoy life in old age. Under such conditions, there is need to do something that will change this situation.

According to a research group known as SENS Research Foundation led by Aubrey de Grey, there is a possibility that aging can be controlled if only there is a breakthrough in the development of an anti-aging drug that will reduce the impact of the aging. An anti-aging drug is seen as a drug that will stop or slow down the process of aging. This research intends to make it possible for human beings to grow old without going through the negative implications of aging. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward .

Anti-aging is all about making the body remain strong despite the age. Normally, as we age, the body cells become worn out, and it becomes hard for us to do tasks that we could have managed at a younger age. By stopping the process where body muscles wear out human beings will be able to enjoy healthy lives for much longer. This is the whole intention of the research by SENS Group.

The work of searching for the anti-aging drug is supported by well-wishers, one of them being Jason Hope. Jason Hope is seen in the technology industry as a futurist who can predict what is likely to happen in future. Jason Hope has been funding the operations of SENS group since 2010. He has given them $500,000 for research work. He sees great hopes in the research work they are carrying out. Hope has projected that when this drug is finally development, it will be the greatest innovation in the field of medicine. Jason Hope is from Arizona. He is vocal on matters of technology and biotechnology is one of the fields he hopes will bring great innovations.

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