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Month: August 2018

Kamil Idris Intellectual Property Commentary

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Professor Kamil Idris, the previous director of WIPO(the World Intellectual Property Organization)is among the strongest opponents of intellectual property theft. As a current representative of Sudan and former Presidential Candidate of Sudan in 2010, Professor Idris is well-versed in international law, especially regarding intellectual property rights. First and foremost, Idris explains the effect that globalization has had on intellectual property. As society has become more interconnected, globalization has benefited the developing world in numerous ways. As information has become more available to these countries, they have been able to create economic growth through innovation. However, globalization also presents new challenges to countries seeking to become more involved in the international economy. One such problem is the failure of international law to prevent patent theft and the leakage of trade secrets in the sphere of technological development. An example of this occurrence is the intellectual property dispute history between the United States and China. President Trump’s administration recently accused China of stealing patents and other private information from American tech businesses. The U.S. government recently blocked the Chinese purchase of Qualcomm, a telecommunications company out of fear that it would reveal American tech secrets. However, intellectual property theft is not always so clear-cut. American companies seeking to involve themselves in Chinese markets must often surrender significant technical secrets if they wish to set up operations in China.

Although Idris does not oppose the developmental benefits of the sharing of information between countries, he does identify piracy and counterfeiting as negative consequences of the spread of intellectual property. In order to combat the risks of these consequences, countries must employ and develop protections, including a sector of intellectual property professionals and the building of an intellectual property infrastructure to combat intellectual property theft. Professor Kamil Idris also argues for the reform of international agreements on intellectual property, so that poorer countries are not left behind due to richer countries’ control of patent purchasing. In order to stay relevant and competitive in international markets, Professor Idris concludes that there must be a greater focus on education relating to intellectual property topics.

Susan McGalla Says Steelers Fans Should See The New Pro Shop

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The Steel City has a lot of pride in its football with one of the longest running NFL teams playing there in the Pittsburgh Steelers. One of the most important parts of that franchise’s history is the fans, and that’s why they’ve put a lot of work into the pro shop. Susan McGalla, the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development has been key in the building of a new pro shop at Heinz Field that is highly interactive and gives fans an experience to remember. She’s also been excited about new famous player jerseys that have been added to the shelves, and they come in both men’s and women’s colors. McGalla has used more than 30 years in retail experience to help personalize the Steeler fan merchandise.

Susan McGalla is from East Liverpool, OH and is both a graduate and a board advisor of Mount Union College. She spent several years in retail management for the now defunct Joseph Horne Company, and then went to American Eagle Outfitters where she’s been most famous for her roles as Chief Merchandising Officer and president. McGalla helped the trendy retailer expand its apparel product availability, increase its revenue line, and even open several other retail chains including the Aerie stores for teen girls and young adult women, and the 77Kids for children. She served a total of 16 years with the company.

Susan McGalla has been in executive leadership roles with other organizations such as the University of Pittsburgh’s health foundation, the Allegheny Redevelopment Conference and FFH, a real estate investment firm. McGalla has often been asked about what it’s like to be a woman who has led big companies, and she has usually said that gender doesn’t matter in these leadership roles. She prefers to simply view colleagues and subordinates as people.

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Behind The Name Louis Chenevert

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Born in 1958 in Montreal, Louis Chenevert is among the Canadian entrepreneurs killing it in the commerce world. Although he has worked for large companies including General Motors as their general manager in production, his impact is primarily felt in United Technologies Corporations (UTC). Earthed in the United States of America, UTC is a conglomerate of multinational corporations with its headquarters situated in Hartford, Connecticut. Their primary business activity is manufacturing anything revolving around aerospace technology. UTC ranks as the largest manufacturing company of escalators and elevators globally. Additionally, the firm is the leading manufacturer of US helicopters as of today.


As a result of the developments he had made in Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) since 1993, UTC-was inspired to make him their own: an offer Louis Chenevert accepted without hesitation. Louis joined UTC in 2006 and was made the chairman of the organization. After two years he was elected as the president of the company, and in 2010, Luois also became the head of the board of UTC. On 8th December 2014, Louis willingly resigned as the CEO of the company because he had various responsibilities in various institutions like business Council.


Despite his self-retirement, his contribution during his leadership at UTC remains remarkable. To begin with, he increased the market size of the company since he insisted on the incorporation of sophisticated technology. This enabled the company to receive clients including but not limited to commercial and military companies globally. The most significant achievement of Louis Chenevert in UTC was helping the company to acquire Goodrich at a price of $18.5 billion. This was the most significant achievement since the company had for years been negotiation on the acquisition of Goodrich institution in vain. The most exciting thing is that Chenevert did great stuff in UTC without necessarily firing employees, publicly announcing his deeds, outsourcing to another nation, going against the environmental laws or paying the engineers peanuts.


Although many do not understand how Louis Chenevert achieved such greatness in business, his educational studies could be the primary motive. This is because Louis obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration in production management from HEC Montreal.


Doe Deere Has Makeup for Unicorns

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Doe Deere brings her personal passion to her colorful, shining makeup line. Lime Crime is her creation. It features color, and glitter in matte and gloss shades while being faithfully cruelty free and vegan friendly. It offers the magic feel of the unicorns she loves. This principle is part of the company both in products and in the charities it chooses to support.


Born Xenia Vorotova Doe Deere was an immigrant from Russia. She moved to New York City at the age of 17. While there she studied fashion design and illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The idea for Lime Crime makeup came to her as an off shoot of her clothing design and sales. She modeled her designs herself and wanted her makeup to be as unique and whimsical as her clothes. Her desire was to create a total look that included bright makeup to go with her unique apparel.


In 2004 Deere registered her store Lime Crime on EBay to sell her fashions. By 2008 Lime Crime was a cult makeup line that sparkled and shone with bold colors for eyes and lips and cheeks. At this time there is no makeup base line, but that is likely to change in the future. Doe and her husband Mark now live in Los Angeles, California where she has been the head of her shimmery and colorful business.


Unicorn Hair is the latest aspect of Lime Crime. It features bold and pastel colors of all hues. Doe says she has been dying her hair for ten years so Unicorn hair is a natural progression.


What does the future hold for Doe Deere? She and her husband Mark have sold a majority stake of Lime Crime to a private equity firm Tengram. They continue on the board of directors. Doe finds herself creating in yet another medium. She is designing jewelry under the label Poppy Angeloff.


One more production is underway in the Unicorn universe. Doe and husband Mark are expecting a baby girl. Photos have been posted on Instagram of Doe and her surrogate who is carrying the newest little fairy tale princess. A new chapter begins.