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3 Outstanding Qualities of Innovocare Health

Published / by StevenLHarris

Innovocare health is a leading healthcare insurance and service provider based in Puerto Rico? It has two affiliate branches; MM healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare choice Inc. It has a team of 4 suave and capable leaders, including Richard Shinto who is the CEO. Over a decade, Innovocare has provided quality health care to Puerto Ricans, thanks to its competent leadership, a team of professionals, superb client relations and teamwork. In 2011, the firm received the NCCA Bitsy line accreditation for its significant progress in primary health care and customer protection.




Rick Shinto is a very learned person and brilliant leader. He studied for a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, a medical degree at the University of New York and an MBA at the University of Redlands. His career in medicine and leadership spans a decade. He has worked as a pulmonologist and leader in the medical field in California and Puerto Rico. He has many accolades due to his outstanding ideas and performance. For instance, as CEO at Aveta inc, he received the coveted Ernest Young entrepreneur of the year award, for excellence and innovation.


Affordable Healthcare


He is the inspiration behind |Innovocare’s impressive growth over the last decade. His superb, inventive genius helps infuse new ideas into the firm. He is the reason Innovocare provides the most affordable health care in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto also has an intense desire to help others. He shares his information through writing. He has written some articles and books about a myriad range of topics in the medical field. With three other leaders who joined him in 2012, he has steered Innocovcare to great heights in the provision of quality healthcare and medical insurance.


Team Work


There is camaraderie and excellent coordination among the staff. The CEO, Richard Shinto, is an amicable, approachable leader who encourages transparency among all employees. A great leader inspires his or her team to work together for the best of an organization. The efficient and effective teamwork at Innovocare health is the reason the firm has outperformed other firms in the medical field. There is superb client care and enhanced communication, because of the collaboration among employees.


Innovocare’s outstanding leadership is the result of capable leadership and teamwork. It is the leading medical cover and practical health provider in Puerto Rico. 70 percent of the local population preferring its services over those of other healthcare providers.