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How Robert Deignan Came Up With The Idea Behind ATS Digital Services

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Businessman Robert Deignan has started a couple of businesses during his time. He is now in the tech industry and is one of the co-founders of ATS Digital Services, a company that helps people by remotely fixing their computers. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and enjoyed playing football throughout high school. He was able to earn a full football scholarship and was a student at Purdue University. He has a degree in organizational leadership and when he graduated he played in the NFL in both 1997 and 1998, playing for the Miami Dolphins and NY Jets.

He started his first company at the conclusion of his football career. He was one of the founders of Fanlink Inc. He also started working at an anti-malware firm. He says that while he was there this company’s customers started having issues getting his firm’s software installed on their computers. As it turns out the people creating malware were preventing anti-malware software from being installed. To solve this problem they made sure their customers had their phone number so they could call if there was a problem.

Robert Deignan says this led to his company offering to get the software installed remotely for their customers. The customers were happy and it led to him and his business partners coming up with the idea of a new company which would remote into peoples computers so they could fix various issues and leave behind an optimized system. This idea was the genesis of his company ATS Digital Services. He has been the chief executive officer of this company for the past seven years.

He says that many home users of computers are starting to like that a technician can remotely fix their systems. Robert Deignan says that people see their computers getting slower but don’t know how to fix the issue themselves. He says his company offers a great alternative to taking your computer into some big box store to have it fixed. He says if anybody is uncomfortable with the service they are able to instantly sever the remote connection the technician has established.

An Overview Of TMH’s Dr. Eric Forsthoefel

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The strains and stresses peculiar to medical school proved no match for Dr. Eric Forsthoefel. Forsthoefel, a Louisiana State University School of Medicine graduate, earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in 2012. Since Forsthoefel’s sights were set on emergency care, he became certified in emergency medicine as well. After completing his residency at Louisiana State University, Forsthoefel steadily ascended the ranks. Though Forsthoefel underwent collegiate studies in Louisiana, he relocated to Florida in pursuit of a position as an emergency care specialist. The Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital greeted him with open arms, offering him precisely the role he’d hoped for.

Now well on his way to becoming a credentialed and seasoned member of his trade, Forsthoefel took his achievements in stride, carrying out tasks diligently and proficiently. A combination of Forsthoefel’s extensive schooling and aptitude for doctoral affairs portended an illustrious career. Forsthoefel’s primary specialty includes critical care. In other words, the onus is on Forsthoefel to address, tackle, and assist in situations of a high-risk and time-sensitive nature. An intense duty no doubt, Forsthoefel’s line of work is particularly arduous. According to most, Forsthoefel delivers on his duties. In fact, the lion’s share of his patients have shared their positive experiences via detailed testimonials.

Praised for his intimate involvement in patient matters and needs, Forsthoefel has, by and large, earned a prestigious reputation among his patients. Touted as an “excellent and caring doctor,” Dr. Forsthoefel, for most, is the first port of call when health situations go awry. Overall, the reviews online state that Forsthoefel’s punctuality, knowledge, and helpfulness rank above average. Though his eminence is only partially contingent upon patient endorsements, the feedback he’s received thus far suggests a lucrative career is written in the stars.

In any case, Forsthoefel continues to breed success at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital. Every now and again, Forsthoefel will volunteer his expertise to doctors and specialists of varying fields. Willingness to cooperate with colleagues is undoubtedly the hallmark of a reputable physician. With that said, an enduring career is in the cards for Dr. Eric Forsthoefel.

Alex Pall’s Journey through Music

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The Chainsmokers is a duo of DJs that have made a career out of something that they only thought would ever be merely a hobby. The Chainsmokers consist of two artists one named Alex Pall and one named Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart met when Pall needed someone to take the place of his former teammate. When he met Taggart, they instantly connected and started making music that they both loved. They were both very passionate about DJing, so they were able to make music together by combining the love that they both shared for DJing. Since they connected, they have been able to create a wide variety of music that they are known for.

Before Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart began making hits in their group Chainsmokers, they were just people trying to make extra money. Pall didn’t plan on DJing being his full career. He liked music and just wanted to make some money doing the thing that he loved. Eventually, his love for music began to take over his existence. Then he knew what he was supposed to do with his life. Instead of wondering around he started his career as a DJ and not just for the extra money. Alex Pall began creating music hoping to inspire people.

Chainsmokers has made its path in music thanks to Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart’s love for DJing. They connected and began making music that gave people something to think about. They have been dedicated to writing their songs so that their feeling can show through the music that they make. Alex Pall’s audience can connect with him because his passion is shown throughout the song. No one is better able to display his feeling other than himself artistically. The Chainsmokers listeners are allowed an amount of intimacy because they are listening to music about real life rather than pointless music about things that don’t determine much of one’s life. Alex Pall has been able to help change the way that music is looked at through the songs that he writes and the music that he creates.

Waiakea Water: Hawaii Volcanic Water For Your Health

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Waiakea, a bottled water company, prides itself on great tasting water, alkaline water that is sourced through a natural source, the Mauna Loa volcano. Gathered from this area, it rains 360 out of 365 days a year, allowing for a large water supply. The company uses and protects nature while also helping to provide water to areas in need, including those in rural Africa.

Unlike most bottled water, Waiakea water pH has s standard alkaline level of 8.2, well above the normal bottled water levels that can range from a pH of 4 to 7. This is important for the health of the human body, as highly acidic foods and beverages can alter our internal pH and allow for disease to enter in. To remain healthy, monitoring the Acid vs. alkaline levels in the foods and drinks that we put into our body can be extremely beneficial, and Waiakea water helps us to do that.

Other Volcano water benefits that are included in the Waiakea water brand include reduced acid reflux symptoms, as the Alkaline in the water helps neutralize the acid in the stomach. This water has shown to hydrate better than other waters, without the added sugar of using sports drinks to rehydrate after fluid loss. Hawaii volcanic water is wealthy with additional minerals, including calcium, sodium, and magnesium, which helps maintain health.

The Waiakea company follows along with the Hawaiian culture, focused on caring for the land and respecting the environment. Using a sustainable water supply, allowing natural elements, the Mauna Loa volcano to naturally filter the water, and the use of sustainable packaging and bottles that use a reduced amount of plastic to manufacture, along with the use of renewable energy to manufacture, Waiakea has developed great tasting, healthy bottled water that is natural and protects the environment.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D. Dallas’ Finest in Plastic Surgery

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What would it take to gain such an astounding reputation in the field of medicine to be featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The View, Good Morning America, D Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, and Harpers Bazaar? Dallas’ best plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich has achieved just such renowned recognition in the public eye, due in large part to his genuine talent in the field of plastic surgery. He is past President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Through extensive education at University of North Dakota, The University of Michigan Medical Center, and training in pediatric plastic surgery at Oxford University in England Rohrich possesses a working knowledge that certainly may exceed that of any other plastic surgeon in Dallas today.

Armed with a storehouse of experiential and scholarly knowledge regarding plastic surgery, Rohrich is able to offer a vast amount of services in his practice. Rohrich offers face lifts, genioplasty also known as chin augmentation, blepharoplasty eyelid surgery, lip augmentation, otoplasty referred to asear tuck, liposuction, gynecomastia to reduce the over-developed male breasts, and arm lifts. In addition, he offers various procedures to perfect the breasts, including breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, and breast reconstruction. Last but not least, Rohrich is an undisputed expert in the procedure of rhinoplasty, even having once held the position as President of the Rhinoplasty Society.

As by far the best plastic surgeon in Dallas, Rohrich offers his clients the utmost care in the process of consultation, preparation for surgery, surgery, and advising for recovery. It is important to Rohrich that his client receive proper consultation, to understand in an in-depth fashion exactly what the client is seeking and how he can best put his experience and education to use in order to create incredible, graceful, and lasting aesthetic results.

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End Citizens United: Fighting Against Illegal Political Campaigns

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End Citizens United was founded with the sole purpose of monitoring and ending the illegal funds that are put into political campaigns for special interests. This group works to help pro-reform candidates running for office get elected because of their fairness and transparency of where their campaign funding came from. This group works with campaigns that have ballot measuring. Ballet measuring campaigns help pass laws to better measure and watch campaign funding.

End Citizens United is a grassroot organization funded by donors big and small from all over the United States. The organization is located in Washington, D.C. The organization is ran by a strong leadership. This political action committee’s president is Tiffany Muller. The executive VP is Matt Burgess and Adam Bozzi is in charge of communications. The board of directors boast a lot of knowledge in campaigns, government and politics which helps this organization succeed.

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court made a history altering decision when it ruled that Citizens United could be funded by untraceable money. The money this political action committee gets is now legal to come from unknown sources with unknown amounts for American elections. The lack of transparency this involves has made it extremely easy for donors to fund campaigns and in return get candidates to make legislation that benefits them once they are elected. Essentially, the ultra wealthy can buy a candidate into position to get that candidate to work in its favor. End Citizens United was created to fight the illegal ways campaigns are being funded to only suit a tiny amount of the population. Typically, the political action committee aligns with the Democratic party because of their principles.

Recently, Rick Scott has been in the news for having his hands tied to illegal forms of funding for his senator campaign. Charges have been placed against him in the past for a connection to Medicare fraud. He resigned once the company he was CEO of began getting investigated by the FBI and had to cough up over one billion dollars in fines. As a candidate for U.S. Senate, he has also been had to take on more fraud responsibility but denies this. He denies any miss use of campaign funds. End Citizens United aims to expose and fight situations like this when there is a believable cause that a candidate is running a campaign that’s funded by illegal means of money.

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The Chainsmoker’s Genre Bending Style

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The song “Somebody” by the Chainsmokers is representative of their unique genre-bending style. Influence from Taylor Swift, the Weeknd, and Bruno Mars is layered throughout the song in an interwoven mashup. The Electronic Dance Music (EDM) transcends anyone’s preference into a common ground. How do they do that?

The first layer of the track was on a modular synthesizer. Andrew Taggart used a modular synth that contained a keyboard and a series of module knobs. He laid the base sound of the first layer, repeating a similar tune with variations.

The next layer was played on piano by Alex Pall. Still a baseline of sound, Alex played a series of chords to add a bit of complexity to the song. The piano chords are clear in the intro of the melody.

The baseline comes in subtly as the song progresses. Then Andrew sings into a voice recorder, “You know just know what I like.” The layers are patched together using a computer program and the pitch is changed. He explains in the short video that he raised it two steps. After adding the electronic keyboard, the soundtrack was complete. Only the vocals were missing.

Of course, there is more to their music than the technical stuff. After making music industry history as the first Dance Artist/DJ to rank number 1 on the Billboard Music Chart, it was back into the studio to create something new, then modify it into something new again. The background vocal was originally slower, and lower pitched.

It’s no wonder the art history and music business major would understand the entanglement of time. Partnered by a former intern for Interscope Records among the diverse musical culture, the duo was destined to redefine musical style, create something transcendent, and provide a soundtrack that we could live to.


Anti-aging research supported by Jason Hope

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There is one medical conditions which affect every human being no matter who they are. It is called aging. Aging is considered a natural process that human beings cannot run away from. No matter how healthy you eat, aging will catch up with you. It is the coly common condition for all human beings. There might not be anything wrong with aging were it not for the diseases that this condition comes with. Aging is a condition that is deemed irreversible of avoidable. Due to this fact. Old age diseases are accepted as if they are normal things. Aging comes with disease which make the health of old citizen unbearable. It is the old age diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease which make it hard for human beings to enjoy life in old age. Under such conditions, there is need to do something that will change this situation.

According to a research group known as SENS Research Foundation led by Aubrey de Grey, there is a possibility that aging can be controlled if only there is a breakthrough in the development of an anti-aging drug that will reduce the impact of the aging. An anti-aging drug is seen as a drug that will stop or slow down the process of aging. This research intends to make it possible for human beings to grow old without going through the negative implications of aging. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward .

Anti-aging is all about making the body remain strong despite the age. Normally, as we age, the body cells become worn out, and it becomes hard for us to do tasks that we could have managed at a younger age. By stopping the process where body muscles wear out human beings will be able to enjoy healthy lives for much longer. This is the whole intention of the research by SENS Group.

The work of searching for the anti-aging drug is supported by well-wishers, one of them being Jason Hope. Jason Hope is seen in the technology industry as a futurist who can predict what is likely to happen in future. Jason Hope has been funding the operations of SENS group since 2010. He has given them $500,000 for research work. He sees great hopes in the research work they are carrying out. Hope has projected that when this drug is finally development, it will be the greatest innovation in the field of medicine. Jason Hope is from Arizona. He is vocal on matters of technology and biotechnology is one of the fields he hopes will bring great innovations.

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3 Outstanding Qualities of Innovocare Health

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Innovocare health is a leading healthcare insurance and service provider based in Puerto Rico? It has two affiliate branches; MM healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare choice Inc. It has a team of 4 suave and capable leaders, including Richard Shinto who is the CEO. Over a decade, Innovocare has provided quality health care to Puerto Ricans, thanks to its competent leadership, a team of professionals, superb client relations and teamwork. In 2011, the firm received the NCCA Bitsy line accreditation for its significant progress in primary health care and customer protection.




Rick Shinto is a very learned person and brilliant leader. He studied for a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of California, a medical degree at the University of New York and an MBA at the University of Redlands. His career in medicine and leadership spans a decade. He has worked as a pulmonologist and leader in the medical field in California and Puerto Rico. He has many accolades due to his outstanding ideas and performance. For instance, as CEO at Aveta inc, he received the coveted Ernest Young entrepreneur of the year award, for excellence and innovation.


Affordable Healthcare


He is the inspiration behind |Innovocare’s impressive growth over the last decade. His superb, inventive genius helps infuse new ideas into the firm. He is the reason Innovocare provides the most affordable health care in Puerto Rico. Rick Shinto also has an intense desire to help others. He shares his information through writing. He has written some articles and books about a myriad range of topics in the medical field. With three other leaders who joined him in 2012, he has steered Innocovcare to great heights in the provision of quality healthcare and medical insurance.


Team Work


There is camaraderie and excellent coordination among the staff. The CEO, Richard Shinto, is an amicable, approachable leader who encourages transparency among all employees. A great leader inspires his or her team to work together for the best of an organization. The efficient and effective teamwork at Innovocare health is the reason the firm has outperformed other firms in the medical field. There is superb client care and enhanced communication, because of the collaboration among employees.


Innovocare’s outstanding leadership is the result of capable leadership and teamwork. It is the leading medical cover and practical health provider in Puerto Rico. 70 percent of the local population preferring its services over those of other healthcare providers.



Avicci Honored By Chainsmokers And Halsey During Billboard Music Awards

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The Chainsmokers, along with Halsey, was present at last Sunday’s Billboard Music Award and used the opportunity to honor the popular DJ and producer from Sweden, Avicci.


The trio was onstage to present Luis Fonsi the award for Top 100 Hot Song for the year Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the duo that comprises The Chainsmokers, told the thousands of people that were in the building at the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas how much Avicci had influenced their careers and spoke of the contributions Avicci has made to the electronic dance community.


The 28-year-old Avicci lost his life recently by his own hand after years of battling both health and emotional issues.


Halsey added to the narrative of the Chainsmokers by adding that all who have worked with Avicci were afforded a joy that they will never forget. She went on to say that his kind spirit makes the horror of his demise all the more painful and urges friends and families of individuals suffering from mental illness to love and support them.


The Chainsmokers mentioned Avicci again when picking up their own award for top Dance/Electronic Act. Taggart dedicated the victory to Avicci and credited the deceased musician with providing a spark that caused him and partner Pall to believe their dreams were within their reach.


Avicci is the stage name for Tim Bergling and the artist was pronounced dead on May 20. The president of Geffen Records, the music label that represented Avicci says that it does possess unreleased music from the artist but is not sure if or when it will be released.


Another tribute also took place at the beginning of the Billboard Music Awards. This time to the victims of the recent school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas. The host of the show, Kelly Clarkson, made the emotional proclamation that she has grown tired of the many moments of silences that indicate another tragedy has taken place. Clarkson, who is also a coach on the hit TV show “The Voice” says that it is now time for a “moment of change” instead.