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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Continues to Develop Career and Practice

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Having access to a quality plastic surgeon is very important. Plastic surgeons provide a very valuable service that includes making people feel better about themselves and also helping to repair a variety of injuries. For those that are in the Dallas area, one of the top plastic surgeon options available today is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of the best known plastic surgeons in the Dallas area and is the founder and member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, which is located in the heart of the city. In his role at the Institute, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is involved in many different aspects of the practice. This includes meeting with patients, completing procedures, following up on his care, and a variety of other services. He is also involved in the marketing and business side of the business as well.


When customers meet with Dr. Sameer Jejurikar for the first time, they will be overcome by his kindness and warmth. This helps anyone to feel comfortable about their future procedures that will help them to transform their images and live a better life.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has a very strong background and is very accomplished. He went to the University of Michigan for both undergraduate school and his medical school. He then later did his residency at the medical school and hospital located on the same campus. After finishing his residency, he moved to New York for a period of time to learn more about his current practice.


Today, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a member of many different top organizations that are designed for people in his field. This includes being a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, Plastic Surgeon & Compassionate Doctor Certificate Holder

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Within the world of cosmetic, or plastic, surgery there are a great number of highly skilled professionals who dedicate both their time as well as their energies to bring the best possible care to their patients. Among them is Dr. Sam Jejurikar, an exceptionally talented and experienced plastic surgeon based in Dallas, Texas.


Much of the work of plastic surgeons generally tends to be regarded as vanity procedures for the wealthy and while sometimes this is slightly accurate, the truth is that the bulk of the procedures within plastic surgery are not just tummy tucks and face lifts but are actually some of the most elaborate and detailed procedures, reconstructing broken or missing parts of people’s bodies.


Dr. Jejurikar is a graduate of the university of Michigan for both his undergraduate works as well as his medical training, graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School. It was during his time at medical school where Dr. Jejurikar discovered his passion for cosmetic surgery.


He would go on to complete his residency in plastic surgery at the University of Michigan Hospitals & Medical Centers. He also went on to work with the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, his subspecialty in aesthetic surgery.


Not only does Dr. Sam work hard to make sure he is on top of his game and up to speed with the most recent innovations and techniques but he also donates a great deal of his time to those less fortunate.


He is involved with several programs that entail away missions to foreign countries where medical care is harder for the population to come by. One of the most profound examples of his efforts is the work he does with the organization, ‘Smile Bangladesh’, and their efforts to bring much needed medical care to impoverished children of the region who otherwise would not be able to get the medical services they desperately need.


Overcoming Cryptocurrency Setbacks with Malcolm CasSelle

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The main setback for cryptocurrency is that most people do not understand it. The gaming industry has utilized digital assets for many years, but they have never tried to explore their full potential. For many it is the possible loss of revenue. Allowing gamers to make a return on investment may cause them to lose out in the end. At present, any digital currency on any platform restricts itself to its game of origin. The rise of Bitcoin proved that digital assets could actually be traded for physical money, and now all eyes look at the gaming world to take the next step.

Paramount to this decision is the risk of using a decentralized market, which is essential in order for the market to be open. Decentralized markets can fragment and allow the opportunity for fraud. So far, major companies have stayed away. Until Worldwide Asset eXchange showed up. WAX is P2P market, which stand for player to player. It allows gamers to trade and sell the digital assets they acquire without risk of fragmentation or fraud. Its secret is the use of blockchains, which create smart lists that weed out fraud and avoid fragmentation. This innovative company, headed by President Malcolm CasSelle, who is also the CIO for the parent company OPSkins, is slated to go into operation soon.


In an interview CasSelle marked WAX as the innovator to bring cryptocurrency mainstream. A belief that many hold. If WAX truly is the first domino, who better than CasSelle to drop it. A graduate of MIT and Stanford, CasSelle has been at the frontline of innovation for decades. He founded his first online company in 1995, joined the world of gaming in 1998, and helmed many businesses operating in the financial spectrum of online transactions.


In 2013 he became CEO of online paywall company MediaPass. He was named CIO of OPSkins in 2017, and founded WAX in 2018. His knowledge of online currency led him to invest in bitcoin early. Now OPSkins is the largest bitcoin merchant globally and a top leader in virtual assets.

Dr. Rod Rohrich Is A Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Today

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Dr. Rod Rohrich is a licensed professional in the field of cosmetic surgery. Rod’s skill in plastic surgery has earned him the recognition of surgeons and patients worldwide. Today, Rod is even a teacher, regularly teaching students in the field of cosmetic surgery. In the early part of 2018, Rod Rohrich is scheduled to attend a series of conferences that are major in the industry.

Plastic surgery came about after the first world war and was initially intended to help patients regain their appearance or their functionality so that they could rejoin society as a normal citizen. Today, cosmetic surgery is known worldwide for improving on individuals looks to make them feel great. Rod Rohrich main area of expertise when it comes to plastic surgery is the face, whether its the lips, nose or the eyes, Rod is a specialist, especially for common procedures. Most of the time, Rod’s presentations to patients include showing off actual surgeries that he has performed on others. Allowing customers to see what they are getting with their own eyes is far better than letting them hope for the best and find out after. Also, Rod helps other surgeons with his methods by making demonstrations on how techniques are performed.

All surgeons in the field of plastic surgery must be capable of operating on the entire body to gain board certification, which Dr. Rod Rohrich has. Rod regularly performs on all areas of the body for his patients today. Dr. Rod Rohrich has not only patented his own breast implant design but his excellent results has earned him a sizable amount of fame around the world.

The conferences that Dr. Rod Rohrich is set to be attending are taking place over February and March. The first meeting is set to take place on February 8th in Florida. The second symposium is set to start on February 28 and is known as the Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. This meeting will last until March 1st, which will then be followed by the third conference on March 2nd. The final conference will feature some of the leading Rhinoplasty surgeons from around the country for the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which will go over the latest advancements in the cosmetic industry. Follow Rohrich

Different Ways Brands Like Fabletics Stand Out in the Fashion Industry

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In many cases, people see standing out as something that is better avoided. However, in order to sell something and attract customers, one of the most important things an individual can do is stand out. However, it is important for people to know just how to stand out so that it can work in their favor. There are many different ways that fashion designers try to stand out. Each brand has their own fashion identity. One of the common ways that fashion brands are trying to stand out is by taking the usual designs and adding images and phrases to their items. However, Kate Hudson has decided to take another approach with Fabletics.


One thing Kate Hudson sees about fashion is that a T-shirt with a phrase on it is still a t-shirt. It has the same design as another shirt. The only difference is that it has a phrase on it. Kate Hudson rather use designs and material as a means to stand out. She also likes the use of color and believes that this is a more effective way for someone to express herself. After all, people who want to be looked at as sophisticated is going to have a preference for clothes without phrases but with more unique designs in many cases.


Kate has focused on body types and how to make different clothes fit well to each body type. This could encourage people when they look for more clothes. Finding clothes that fit just right can be very inspiring. People will also experience a greater boost of confidence which can help them gain the type of lives they want. For instance, they can have more friends and a more satisfying love life if they want.


The best thing about dressing with Fabletics is that people can emulate the people they admire if they want. Kate Hudson wants people to have the types of outfits they desire. Therefore, she starts them off on their membership by collecting data about them. They determine the types of outfits they want and the lifestyle they lead. This is one of the biggest ways that Fabletics stands out from other fashion retailers. While other fashion retailers are focused on the product, Fabletics sees the value in the customer.

One of the Top Agencies in the United States – Brown Modelling Agency

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The Brown Agency was launched on October 01, 2015 by Justin Brown after Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent – South. The merging of the two agencies brought about specific strengths and capabilities that each of the organization had. Consequently, because of the uniqueness of each of the entity, the Brown Modelling Agency became one of the only full-service agency in Texas. Also, as a commercial and modelling agency, the company has worked with some of the renowned brands in the world including Dell, Toyota, and Louis Vuitton among others.


How Brown Agency made it to be an Industry Leader


The Brown Modelling Agency is headquartered in Austin while it has branches in Dallas and Los Angeles. The agency is headed by Justin Brown who is the former founder of Wilhelmina Austin and now serves as the CEO of the firm. Again, what makes it better is that Michael B Bonnee who was the former head of Heyman Talent-South would provide his expertise in the theatrical division of the agency. Besides, Heyman Talent-South was one of the best in producing the most proficient talent agencies in Austin.


Another factor that led to the agency becoming a market leader is the fact that its CEO, Justin Brown, is very experienced in the sector. Justin Brown started off his career during his college days when he used to do modelling as a part-time job. He worked in several agencies and at some point got a sub-field that was known as ‘development and placement’ where he trained models professionally. He found the modelling career more rewarding and this is why he eventually decided to pursue the sector as a full-time career. Further, Justin Brown launched Wilhelmina Austin in 2010 in Austin, Texas which became one of the most respected brands.


Activities That Led to the Agency’s Growth


The agency has participated in many shows where the fashion models have been seen do their catwalk during the Austin fashion week, New York fashion week swim week, and many more. As a market leader, The Brown Modelling Agency is keen to provide the most competent, dependable, and sophisticated talent to their clients. Justin Brown’s directives are to be able to deliver this on a large scale by choosing and preparing the models in readiness for a broader market. Additionally, this is what has enabled the agency to be on top of its game which has led some of the international brands to work with them. You can visit their Instagram page.


Bruno Fagali Takes The Lead To Creating The Corporate Integrity Program

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Fagali Advocacy is one of the leading law firms in Brazil that is led by Bruno Fagali Bruno Fagali. This advocacy group aims to use the expertise of its team members while providing clear and concise information to clients who need corporate law advice. One of the new projects that were recently accepted and led by Bruno Fagali was to create the Corporate Integrity Program an submit the proposal to the Ministry of Transparency Supervision Control Council.

The Corporate Integrity Program consists of strict guidelines and measures that are put in place to reduce the risks of all involved parties. These guidelines also lead to detection techniques and problem-solving procedures that can be utilized by corporates interested in winning the battle against corruption.

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The first step that had to be performed to meet the guidelines was to create a legal code that is in regulation with the Anti-Corruption Law. After this was done, with due diligence and while adhering to schedules, the intense process was completed and submitted. The entire process took approximately 24 months and was finished with the lead and guidance of the legal expert Bruno Fagali. Once the program was approved by the Ministry of Transparency, this code was implemented in organizations such as Fagali Advocacy. Employees of participating agencies were mandated to understand the full intensity of the system and go through training which is also available online through the official website of Bruno Fagali’s firm, Fagali Advocacy. The online training is available with an easy to understand and instructive format.

Bruno Fagali and his team were the ideal choices for this project as they have received various accolades over the years both domestic and foreign according to Moreover, the process of creating this code was started by Bruno Fagali and his team two years ago and submitted to the Comptroller General of The Union, which is a new department that was developed by the Ministry of Transparency Brazil. Ultimately, Bruno Fagali and his agency were chosen to write, deploy and implement this code due to the earlier initiative they showed to promote transparency in the corporate sector, starting from their firm.

Find more about Bruno Fagali: – .Wc1e_hNSxTY

Ricardo Tosto: Legal Service To Protect Your Business Interests

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Ricardo Tosto: Legal Service To Protect Your Business Interests

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned Brazilian lawyer. Ricardo Tosto provides outstanding representation and advice to businesses and organizations.

Business lawyers can be very helpful when it comes to company formation, legal structure selection, business disputes and other areas that affect business success. If you want to operate you business without complications or hassles, it is extremely important to retain a reliable legal advisor.

Ricardo Tosto is a highly regarded legal advisor and litigation expert. Ricardo Tosto has provided top notch services to countless businesses and organizations throughout Brazil and is well known in the industry. Mr Ricardo Tosto can help you address any business related legal matter and ensure that you achieve your goal.

Business law is comprised of a complex system of regulations that have to do with the formation of new enterprises and how current businesses deal with one another. In addition, certain areas of business or corporate law may need to be handled by a qualified expert when an organization or business has dealing with government entities or the public. Problems or conflicts can occur anytime, and the repercussions could be devastating.

If you’re operating a business in Brazil or purchasing a business or property and are encountering legal problems, then you should get in touch with an experienced attorney.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can help advise and guide you in any area of corporate or business law and ensure that all essential issues are addressed properly and that critical mistakes are avoided.

In business there are so many rules, regulations, and acceptable business practices to comply with, and a knowledgeable attorney like Ricardo Tosto can help you operate legally. As an experienced and knowledgeable business lawyer, Mr Ricardo Tosto has handled some of the most complex cases during his more than 22 years of practice. Clients rate him as a top attorney and one of the most reputable business law litigators.

There is no question or legal issue too difficult for Mr Ricardo Tosto to handle. You can get in touch with Ricardo Tosto to learn more about his practice and how he can help you obtain the best possible outcome in your legal case.


Daniel Taub Will Be Missed In His Role Of Ambassador

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Daniel Taub was one of the leading diplomats, and always remained a practicing Orthodox Jew. After four years, he accomplished his goal, he brought the United Kingdom and Israel closer together. He was incredibly popular as a diplomat, and the people will miss him when he resigns. Daniel Taub has unlimited faith, and he has built strong bridges in life. He has placed himself in the center of crises, taken Israel’s case to the government, and been a guest on media programming. He wanted to help the United Kingdom and Israel, and the counties bonds are stronger because of his beliefs and his efforts.

Daniel Taub believes one of the most important aspects of his job is helping people to understand the Israeli people and leadership. His discussions on the subject have been thoughtful, and he never encountered any major problems, just differences of opinions. He believes cooperation is the key to the crises in the Middle East. He sees the complications and challenges involved in the situation, and feels the area must be treated with humility. He is concerned about the agreement between Israel and Iran, and sees beyond the nuclear implications. He has spoken of the opportunity to maintain peace with Jordan and Egypt, and align the interests of Israel with numerous countries. He simply believes everything in life requires nurturing.

Daniel Taub feels the Labour Party relations in Britain require a close look, and reestablishing good relations is going to take work. He sees so many commonalities between The British Labour Party and Israel, he does not believe achieving support should be complicated. He says the progressive values are the same. He feel the need to be realistic regarding an Israeli-Palestinian accommodation, and understands both countries are being threatened by the same terrorist groups.

Although Daniel Taub will never stop fighting anti-Semitism, he has seen some positivity coming from Egypt. Most of the younger Jews he has spoken with can recall an anti-Semitic experience. He is passionate in his concern for Israel and the Jewish people, and believes bridge building is necessary. He has stated Israel will need nourishment from the Jewish communities, and is impressed with work that is being accomplished.

Not a day has gone by when Daniel Taub did not participate in conversations with diverse and interesting people. His duty as an ambassador has been demanding, and there is no doubt he will be missed. Learn more:




Fabletics Keeps Athletic Clothing Fans Excited

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When people see Kate Hudson these days they are going to she that she is doing much more than just entertainment. She is doing less with movies and promoting different entertainment ventures because her mind and all of her focus has been set on making Fabletics the best athletic clothing company around. This brand has evolved in a wonderful way, and people are really taking interest in what she is doing with this brand.


Fabletics is a powerhouse when it comes to athletic clothing. It is hard to beat what Kate Hudson is doing because she already has the exposure that is needed to build a powerful brand. People already know her from acting so she was already someone that had established a fanbase before she got connected to this clothing line.


She has the ability to capture the attention of millions through social media alone. Kate Hudson has many fans so she could simply utilize Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets like Instagram without doing any commercials.


Kate Hudson realized that did what was the thing that allowed her to build a presence with an online crowd. Now she has a desire to open more physical stores, and she realizes that commercials for television are good with capturing the attention of those that do not actually utilize social media.


Kate Hudson has been able to really build a great fan base through Twitter and Facebook, but now she has people laughing at commercials that she appears in because she took the comedic approach to connecting with her audience. Women are finding the commercials hilarious, and this is something that creates conversations about Fabletics. It has a been a good thing for Kate Hudson to do with the Fabletics brand.


It is proof that she can connect with consumers even if they may not know about her work as an actress. Kate Hudson has the ability to connect with a millennial crowd as well even though she is not part of the millennial age group. She has been smart enough to do this by getting Demi Lovato in place with a limited time edition of the Fabletics clothing that Demi Lovato helped design.


This is a great way for the romantic comedy actress that became the co-founder of Fabletics to connect with the youth. She also has the ability to grow her customer base with an older crowd as well. Some people recognize Kate Hudson as an actress for a middle-aged group, but there are still older people that recognize her simply as the daughter of Goldie Hawn. This is a crowd of older people that may be working out and utilizing Fabletics clothing as well. This is even more star power for Kate Hudson to utilize to get people interested in her clothing.


For those that admire Kate Hudson and aspire to be like her there is the Kate Hudson activewear that she created for Fabletics. Kate also has a lot of her personal pics for the clothes.