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Dr. Rod Rohrich Is A Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Today

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Dr. Rod Rohrich is a licensed professional in the field of cosmetic surgery. Rod’s skill in plastic surgery has earned him the recognition of surgeons and patients worldwide. Today, Rod is even a teacher, regularly teaching students in the field of cosmetic surgery. In the early part of 2018, Rod Rohrich is scheduled to attend a series of conferences that are major in the industry.

Plastic surgery came about after the first world war and was initially intended to help patients regain their appearance or their functionality so that they could rejoin society as a normal citizen. Today, cosmetic surgery is known worldwide for improving on individuals looks to make them feel great. Rod Rohrich main area of expertise when it comes to plastic surgery is the face, whether its the lips, nose or the eyes, Rod is a specialist, especially for common procedures. Most of the time, Rod’s presentations to patients include showing off actual surgeries that he has performed on others. Allowing customers to see what they are getting with their own eyes is far better than letting them hope for the best and find out after. Also, Rod helps other surgeons with his methods by making demonstrations on how techniques are performed.

All surgeons in the field of plastic surgery must be capable of operating on the entire body to gain board certification, which Dr. Rod Rohrich has. Rod regularly performs on all areas of the body for his patients today. Dr. Rod Rohrich has not only patented his own breast implant design but his excellent results has earned him a sizable amount of fame around the world.

The conferences that Dr. Rod Rohrich is set to be attending are taking place over February and March. The first meeting is set to take place on February 8th in Florida. The second symposium is set to start on February 28 and is known as the Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. This meeting will last until March 1st, which will then be followed by the third conference on March 2nd. The final conference will feature some of the leading Rhinoplasty surgeons from around the country for the Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, which will go over the latest advancements in the cosmetic industry. Follow Rohrich

Daniel Taub Will Be Missed In His Role Of Ambassador

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Daniel Taub a diplomat and  a practicing Orthodox Jew used his faith to build bridges. After four years, he accomplished his goal, he brought the United Kingdom and Israel closer together. Daniel Taub has unlimited faith, and he has built strong bridges in life. He has placed himself in the center of crises, taken Israel’s case to the government, and been a guest on media programming. He wanted to help the United Kingdom and Israel, and the counties bonds are stronger because of his beliefs and his efforts.

Daniel Taub believes one of the most important aspects of his job is helping people to understand the Israeli people and leadership. His discussions on the subject have been thoughtful, and he never encountered any major problems, just differences of opinions. He believes cooperation is the key to the crises in the Middle East. He sees the complications and challenges involved in the situation, and feels the area must be treated with humility. He is concerned about the agreement between Israel and Iran, and sees beyond the nuclear implications. He has spoken of the opportunity to maintain peace with Jordan and Egypt, and align the interests of Israel with numerous countries.

Daniel Taub feels the Labour Party relations in Britain require a close look, and reestablishing good relations is going to take work. He says the progressive values are the same. He feel the need to be realistic regarding an Israeli-Palestinian accommodation, and understands both countries are being threatened by the same terrorist groups.

Daniel Taub is concerned about the rise in in anti-Semitism, He notes that many of the younger Jews he has spoken with can recall an anti-Semitic experience. He is passionate in his concern for Israel and the Jewish people, and believes bridge building is necessary. He has stated Israel will need nourishment from the Jewish communities, and is impressed with work that is being accomplished.

Daniel Taub notes that one of the joys of the role of ambassador is the opportunity to meet with diverse and interesting people. His duty as an ambassador has been demanding, and there is no doubt he will be missed. Learn more:


Malcolm CasSelle Describes How Online Tokens Can Apply to Physical Assets

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WAX President Malcolm CasSelle recently blogged about the future of his company and it’s tokenized assets. His vision of the company is one where the virtual game assets, tokens, can be strengthened within the marketplace of digital tokens as well as expand beyond the games to physical assets.


One of the biggest challenges, he acknowledges, is keeping the assets tied to the tokens on the blockchain. At WAX, they use an oversight system based around Transfer Agents, Guilds, rating systems, and a dedicated proof of stake consensus algorithm. The Guild has the power to ensure Transfer Agents do their jobs correctly. If not, token holders will have the power to un-elect any Guild members, thus forming a closed loop which keeps the entire system secured.


With the economic systems secured, CasSelle predicts that tokens can become the newest way for collectors and enthusiasts to own fractions of major memorabilia such as James Bond Aston Martins. Also, with rarely transferred physical assets on the exchanges, there would be a buffer effect against devalued virtual assets, which are traded very frequently. The higher the security and the reputation, the more those assets will open up to online currency.


Malcolm CasSelle is the president and CIO of WAX. He has made several television appearances to promote the many benefits of the WAX exchange program, which allows anyone to create online tradeable marketplaces without buying into their own private security and transfer protocols. He frequently blogs about changes and new trends in the cryptocurrency business.


Malcolm CasSelle has an impressive resume as an international entrepreneur. He was the CTO and President of New Ventures at tron, Inc and a Senior Vice President of SeaChange International. He has founded and led other digital media companies in addition to WAX such as MediaPass and Xfire. CasSelle’s early investments have included major online powerhouses like Facebook, Zynga, and now many Bitcoin operations.


CasSelle was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He earned his Computer Science bachelor’s degree at MIT and continued his studies with a graduate degree from Stanford University. He can speak both Japanese and Mandarin. He has been working in the cryptocurrency industry since 2012.


Research on Network’s Brand Lift

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Mr. Norman J. Pattz since June 23, 2016, has been the CEO at the PodcastOne. He was also a consultant at the WestwoodOne Inc from August 2010 which he officially launched in 1974 and worked there until February 3, 1994. Additionally, he worked as PODEA (President of Broadcast Education Association) and a chairman and a member of that organization. In the year 2010, Pattiz developed courtside entertainment group with the aim of producing and distributing high-quality programming. He then launched Podcast in 2012. Podcast company gained fame and become the best producer of audio in demanding programming.


Norman who is the CEO of PodcastOne together with Tom Webster decided to reveal the results of the advertisement studies of the five most leading customer brands globally crosswise five varied product and service categories. The researchers of before and after the boosting of the brand for the Podcast advertisers occurred in the previous month of 2016 which gave a significant good influence of the product of the Podcast recall.


Results from the research

The results showed that of the total listeners of the Podcast, more than 60% of the like it when it is being advertised from 7% including spectators who have not yet studied the product. Another research shows that the responsiveness of independent product increased by 47% before and after the research in the case of a financial service product 37% was after advertising the goods and finally 24% for both garden product and a grass.


Another research revealed that, before the research was being conducted, the respondents had a positive perspective about a car after advertisement which was said to be more than a third of them from 18% after research. In an interview held after the research was conducted, most of them said that they were happy about using a garden and a lawn product which was 22% and as compared to the before the interview which was 16%.


Edison researchers in their research on PodcastOne in observing the effectiveness of Podcast advertising advancement for five national brands found out that the listeners of podcast more open to the message of the brand, and clearly showed their willingness to buy those brands.


Information about PodcastOne

This is a national marketer which is supported by a network called podcast and was founded by Pattiz. This group has over 300 hours of pure programs each week of the trending podcast network. Learn more: