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Bruno Fagali Takes The Lead To Creating The Corporate Integrity Program

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Fagali Advocacy is one of the leading law firms in Brazil that is led by Bruno Fagali Bruno Fagali. This advocacy group aims to use the expertise of its team members while providing clear and concise information to clients who need corporate law advice. One of the new projects that were recently accepted and led by Bruno Fagali was to create the Corporate Integrity Program an submit the proposal to the Ministry of Transparency Supervision Control Council.

The Corporate Integrity Program consists of strict guidelines and measures that are put in place to reduce the risks of all involved parties. These guidelines also lead to detection techniques and problem-solving procedures that can be utilized by corporates interested in winning the battle against corruption.

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The first step that had to be performed to meet the guidelines was to create a legal code that is in regulation with the Anti-Corruption Law. After this was done, with due diligence and while adhering to schedules, the intense process was completed and submitted. The entire process took approximately 24 months and was finished with the lead and guidance of the legal expert Bruno Fagali. Once the program was approved by the Ministry of Transparency, this code was implemented in organizations such as Fagali Advocacy. Employees of participating agencies were mandated to understand the full intensity of the system and go through training which is also available online through the official website of Bruno Fagali’s firm, Fagali Advocacy. The online training is available with an easy to understand and instructive format.

Bruno Fagali and his team were the ideal choices for this project as they have received various accolades over the years both domestic and foreign according to Moreover, the process of creating this code was started by Bruno Fagali and his team two years ago and submitted to the Comptroller General of The Union, which is a new department that was developed by the Ministry of Transparency Brazil. Ultimately, Bruno Fagali and his agency were chosen to write, deploy and implement this code due to the earlier initiative they showed to promote transparency in the corporate sector, starting from their firm.

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Getting legal help on your tort claims from Jeremy Goldstein

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Personal injury claims make the bulk of the legal issues that are handled in and out of court every day. Torts happen when the careless or reckless act by one party leads to damages on the other party. For instance, if someone is driving carelessly and they hit your car, you can make a personal injury claim against them and get compensation for the damages. However, these cases can only be successful when competent lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein are working on your case.

The first thing that Jeremy Goldstein will do is make sure that he has assessed your case to see whether it is worth pursuing. They will gather evidence connected to the case, and assess it to see whether it is enough for a compensation claim. In the case of an accident, things such as the accounts of eye witnesses, medical bills, bills from the towing company and the auto garage will be very useful in proving your case.

The second steps that Jeremy Goldstein takes is file the claim, and then try to get the sitting with the other party as soon as possible. Having the help of the lawyer is important because they will know how to get the opposing counsel into a meeting and how to make sure that the case does not drag on forever and hurt you even more economically and emotionally.

The other thing that Jeremy Goldstein does is that in case it is impossible to reach an out of court settlement, they will help you take the case to the court and gather the evidence that will convince the judge that your compensation is well deserved. With his many years of experience and connections within the legal field, you can be assured your case will be handled within the shortest period of time.

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