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End Citizens United: Fighting Against Illegal Political Campaigns

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End Citizens United was founded with the sole purpose of monitoring and ending the illegal funds that are put into political campaigns for special interests. This group works to help pro-reform candidates running for office get elected because of their fairness and transparency of where their campaign funding came from. This group works with campaigns that have ballot measuring. Ballet measuring campaigns help pass laws to better measure and watch campaign funding.

End Citizens United is a grassroot organization funded by donors big and small from all over the United States. The organization is located in Washington, D.C. The organization is ran by a strong leadership. This political action committee’s president is Tiffany Muller. The executive VP is Matt Burgess and Adam Bozzi is in charge of communications. The board of directors boast a lot of knowledge in campaigns, government and politics which helps this organization succeed.

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court made a history altering decision when it ruled that Citizens United could be funded by untraceable money. The money this political action committee gets is now legal to come from unknown sources with unknown amounts for American elections. The lack of transparency this involves has made it extremely easy for donors to fund campaigns and in return get candidates to make legislation that benefits them once they are elected. Essentially, the ultra wealthy can buy a candidate into position to get that candidate to work in its favor. End Citizens United was created to fight the illegal ways campaigns are being funded to only suit a tiny amount of the population. Typically, the political action committee aligns with the Democratic party because of their principles.

Recently, Rick Scott has been in the news for having his hands tied to illegal forms of funding for his senator campaign. Charges have been placed against him in the past for a connection to Medicare fraud. He resigned once the company he was CEO of began getting investigated by the FBI and had to cough up over one billion dollars in fines. As a candidate for U.S. Senate, he has also been had to take on more fraud responsibility but denies this. He denies any miss use of campaign funds. End Citizens United aims to expose and fight situations like this when there is a believable cause that a candidate is running a campaign that’s funded by illegal means of money.

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The Charisma and Passion Betsy DeVos Has for Social Reform is a Golden Opportunity for the Underprivileged in America

Published / by StevenLHarris

If I hereby expressed any doubts about the important legacy Betsy DeVos has established for herself as a passionate social reformer, a politician oozing charisma and flamboyance then I would be lying. Her involvement in humanitarian causes is impressive and quite remarkable in any sense of the word you might care to frame your references. My assertion is informed by the detailed background check I have had the rare privilege of carrying out. What I have unearthed about DeVos’ philanthropic, political and educational commitments is amazing if not downright shocking positively.

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The energy and vigor she characteristically brings to bear on all her social and political undertakings inspires nothing else in me but envy. Her reform agenda which is to a large extent supported by the DeVos Family Foundation is cataclysmic in bringing a lot of progress to the underprivileged children of America. It is maybe the exuberant social nature she publicly displays that influenced the decision of President Trump to give Betsy the place of honor as the 11th nominee of the US Secretary for Education. Of particular interest to me has been her dedication in redesigning the educational policies in Michigan, Mississippi for the last 3 decades. Being one of the direct recipients of her support of quality learning for everyone, I must say that the initiative is neither selective nor discriminatory because all individuals regardless of their social and economic backgrounds are eligible to get assistance.

Many socially and economically disadvantaged children throughout America have had access to international class education because of the liberal policies she has brought into the education sector. The present Secretary of Education was inspired by her mother who fought hard to ensure that children had better facilities for learning. Her struggle is to establish a system of learning that gives the best to everyone, but at the same time allows freedom of choice. Betsy DeVos is presently spearheading a drive to create better educational options for poor families. In the endeavor which is now gaining momentum the DeVos Family Foundation is donating millions of dollars to help many schools and colleges. Visit Betsy’s profile on

For over 20 years, Betsy DeVos has consistently supported programs for mentoring vulnerable children in public institutions on Grand Rapids, Michigan. She encourages open interaction and engagements between teachers, parents, educationists, and politicians. I firmly believe that by the time she completes her present tenure, she will have changed the direction of eduction for the better. Many notable charities and nonprofits acknowledge her as a competent leader. Some of the organizations she supports include the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Kids Hope USA, Kendall College of Art and Design, and Mars Hill Bible Church.

George Soros is Once Again Fighting to Keep the Government in Check

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Self-made politician George Soros is once again preparing his various organizations for battle. He is in charge of Open Society Foundations. This is Soros’ organization that he utilizes to support various liberal and democratic causes all over the world.

As of March of 2017 Soros has been fighting against the Hungarian government to keep his Central European University from being closed down in Budapest. Now, he is taking on various organizations that are trying to push an Article V Convention.

Soros does not like the fact that states preparing for an Article V Convention meeting. He is for the Constitution but not for anyone giving more power back to the federal government through this living document.

An open society is a very important aspect of modern life. Many people might not realize this; a society must have minimal government control to enjoy their liberties and freedoms. Without these liberties being in place, people will not be able to live out their dreams to fullest.

Soros sees the current Trump administration as a government entity that is capable of taking this kind of action through the use of the Article V Convention. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

In case you did not know, an Article V Convention is designed to allow the Constitution to be altered through amendments. Normally, states carry out this process. However, Congress also has the ability to take this action if at least 2/3’s of its members agrees to this process. Soros knows how dangerous this could be for the American people.

Soros’s organizations such as Common Cause Texas, West Virginia Center, The Brennan Center for Justice and the Center for Media Center for Democracy have all spoken out against Article V Convention action. These organizations are funded by Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

George Soros only provides support to groups that back up his philosophies and way of life. While he might not absolutely agree with every organization that he supports; he realizes how important it is to help people to maintain their liberties within society.

Soros does not want the government to overreach its power. He knows that leaders like President Donald Trump could easily take advantage of this power and use it for the wrong purpose. That is the last thing that Soros wants for American citizens or citizens within the global community. Read more story at about George Soros.