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Jeff Herman fights New York’s Statute of Limitations

Published / by StevenLHarris
New York, along with many states in the United States, has a statute of limitations. This means that there is a five year limit to file charges against a person who has carried out a sexual assault. Many people in and around the New York area have been against this idea, believing that a limit on a person’s right to pursue justice is immoral and unconstitutional.
For the past few years, these protesters have been pushing for the passing of a new bill that will overturn this, essentially wiping away the statute from New York. While arguments could be made for both sides of the fight, the majority believe in the bill, with a staggering 90 percent of New Yorkers supporting. Jeff Herman founder and owner of Herman Law Firm recently released a blog post on his firm’s website, stating these facts. Jeff Herman has become quite well known in the law scene for the many cases of sexual assault, rape and sexual exploitation that he has overseen or advised on. He has become an incredibly successful trial lawyer, and has shown exemplary talent in assisting children. It is not just adults who are the victims of sexual assault and exploitation, but thousands of children also suffer as victims of this crime. The more fragile nature of a child’s mind requires a more delicate and Herman is proud to say that he has helped thousands of children and their parents whether inside of a courtroom or outside of one as an advisor.
Leading the charge for this bill, with support from lawyers like Jeff Herman along with a huge margin of the population of the state of New York is a surprising face. Corey Feldman may not be a name well known to people born in the 21st century, but to older generations he is known as the actor who played the lovable Mouth in the Goonies as well as playing Pete Fountaine is the classic Gremlins movie. Along with actor turned activist Feldman, the US volleyball player Sarah Powers-Barnhard, who was raped by her volleyball coach in her younger years has joined the charge for change.
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