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The Trabuco Was Once A Powerful War Weapon

Published / by StevenLHarris

The Trabuco was an ancient weapon of war that popular in the Middle Ages. The purpose of the weapon was to catapult large stones, boulders, fire and a variety of other objects to crush walls and fortresses.

While the origins of the Trabuco can be traced back to China, it was used by the Europeans during the crusades. The extraordinarily accurate weapon was terrifying for individuals on the receiving end of its fury. The Trabuco wasn’t a very complicated piece of machinery. It operated much like a sling, with the ability to transform gravitational energy into kinetic energy.


What are the two types of Trabuco?

Tensil Trabuco
Tensil Trabuco: This Trabuco was operated by humans. The short end of the pole was pulled in order for it to operate. Although it was accurate and had the ability to hurl 400 pound rocks 80 meters, it had many logistical problems. Nearly 250 men were needed to operate the Trabuco, and replicating the same catapulting force became a problem. This is probably why this Trebuco was put on ice after the 11th century.

Hybrid Trabuco
Hybrid Trabuco: The Hybrid was taken to the Middle East and completely redesigned. According to, 13th century records reveal the hybrid could hurl 400 pound stones. The Europeans first encountered the hybrid during the Crusades. Once the Europeans perfected it, the machine could hurl over a ton over very long distances. The unfortunate result of the modifications gave rise to some rather grisly practices. Not only rocks, but human heads, cows and even live prisoners were being hurled.

Trabuco’s eventually became the best killing machine ever invented. The machine’s sheer power led to great deal of devastation to Europe and other areas. The weapon finally saw its end with the invention of gun powder around the early 1500s.

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