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Daniel Taub Will Be Missed In His Role Of Ambassador

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Daniel Taub a diplomat and  a practicing Orthodox Jew used his faith to build bridges. After four years, he accomplished his goal, he brought the United Kingdom and Israel closer together. Daniel Taub has unlimited faith, and he has built strong bridges in life. He has placed himself in the center of crises, taken Israel’s case to the government, and been a guest on media programming. He wanted to help the United Kingdom and Israel, and the counties bonds are stronger because of his beliefs and his efforts.

Daniel Taub believes one of the most important aspects of his job is helping people to understand the Israeli people and leadership. His discussions on the subject have been thoughtful, and he never encountered any major problems, just differences of opinions. He believes cooperation is the key to the crises in the Middle East. He sees the complications and challenges involved in the situation, and feels the area must be treated with humility. He is concerned about the agreement between Israel and Iran, and sees beyond the nuclear implications. He has spoken of the opportunity to maintain peace with Jordan and Egypt, and align the interests of Israel with numerous countries.

Daniel Taub feels the Labour Party relations in Britain require a close look, and reestablishing good relations is going to take work. He says the progressive values are the same. He feel the need to be realistic regarding an Israeli-Palestinian accommodation, and understands both countries are being threatened by the same terrorist groups.

Daniel Taub is concerned about the rise in in anti-Semitism, He notes that many of the younger Jews he has spoken with can recall an anti-Semitic experience. He is passionate in his concern for Israel and the Jewish people, and believes bridge building is necessary. He has stated Israel will need nourishment from the Jewish communities, and is impressed with work that is being accomplished.

Daniel Taub notes that one of the joys of the role of ambassador is the opportunity to meet with diverse and interesting people. His duty as an ambassador has been demanding, and there is no doubt he will be missed. Learn more:


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