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Overcoming Cryptocurrency Setbacks with Malcolm CasSelle

Published / by StevenLHarris

The main setback for cryptocurrency is that most people do not understand it. The gaming industry has utilized digital assets for many years, but they have never tried to explore their full potential. For many it is the possible loss of revenue. Allowing gamers to make a return on investment may cause them to lose out in the end. At present, any digital currency on any platform restricts itself to its game of origin. The rise of Bitcoin proved that digital assets could actually be traded for physical money, and now all eyes look at the gaming world to take the next step.

Paramount to this decision is the risk of using a decentralized market, which is essential in order for the market to be open. Decentralized markets can fragment and allow the opportunity for fraud. So far, major companies have stayed away. Until Worldwide Asset eXchange showed up. WAX is P2P market, which stand for player to player. It allows gamers to trade and sell the digital assets they acquire without risk of fragmentation or fraud. Its secret is the use of blockchains, which create smart lists that weed out fraud and avoid fragmentation. This innovative company, headed by President Malcolm CasSelle, who is also the CIO for the parent company OPSkins, is slated to go into operation soon.


In an interview CasSelle marked WAX as the innovator to bring cryptocurrency mainstream. A belief that many hold. If WAX truly is the first domino, who better than CasSelle to drop it. A graduate of MIT and Stanford, CasSelle has been at the frontline of innovation for decades. He founded his first online company in 1995, joined the world of gaming in 1998, and helmed many businesses operating in the financial spectrum of online transactions.


In 2013 he became CEO of online paywall company MediaPass. He was named CIO of OPSkins in 2017, and founded WAX in 2018. His knowledge of online currency led him to invest in bitcoin early. Now OPSkins is the largest bitcoin merchant globally and a top leader in virtual assets.