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Securus Technologies Develops a Drone Detection Technology for Correctional Facilities

Published / by StevenLHarris

Securus Technologies has over the years set precedence in the use of technology in law enforcement and correctional facilities. The company’s success in the industry is evidenced by the large number of entities it serves. It is estimated that over one million inmates and more than 3500 agencies rely on its services. The widespread use is attributed to the Securus ability to provide tailor-made services and technological options for the different users.


Securus offers technology that has proven effective in payment services, communication, investigation, emergency response, and biometric analysis among others. I have validated this statement after reading testimonies from people who have used the services. With the use of the available technologies from Securus, agencies have been able to catch corrupt officers or even investigate cases of harassment. In most instances, correctional facilities have used Securus’ services to detect illegal activities and contraband goods in the hands of prisoners. In essence, Securus has played a vital role in enhancing security within and out of our jails and prisons.

I was fascinated by Securus’ innovation on the use of drone technology in combating threats emanating from prisons and jails. In fact, there have been cases where prisoners have sanctioned killing and maiming of corrections officers and other citizens at home. In essence, this active pilot program was created in response to increased use of drones to deliver illegal stuff to prisons. Some of the stuff includes weapons and cellphones, which pose a significant threat to other inmates, officers, and innocent citizens. The new program is an indication that Securus Technologies remains committed to the provision of practical solutions to emerging needs and threats.


Adequate tests have been carried out for over 18 months with the aim of assessing the effectiveness of the technology. The drone detection technology’s model is somehow similar to the Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution. The tests and useful insights from corrections officials have enabled the company design a better program. The latest results have proven that the technology can now be used to stop drones from reaching correctional facilities.


With such incredible innovations, it would not be surprising if Securus scooped any global awards. My belief was confirmed when the company won three awards at the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service, 2018. The awards were bestowed upon Securus for its excellent customer service. Indeed, customer needs are at the core of the company’s values and operations.


Explicitly, the three awards were given to Zelperita Jackson, who is the Customer Service Manager, the Corporate Escalations team, and The Video Visitation Team. Securus trounced over 2,500 individuals and entities from different industries and parts of the globe. The gala, which was attended by over 600 representatives from around the world, was held at in February at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.