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Behind The Name Louis Chenevert

Published / by StevenLHarris

Born in 1958 in Montreal, Louis Chenevert is among the Canadian entrepreneurs killing it in the commerce world. Although he has worked for large companies including General Motors as their general manager in production, his impact is primarily felt in United Technologies Corporations (UTC). Earthed in the United States of America, UTC is a conglomerate of multinational corporations with its headquarters situated in Hartford, Connecticut. Their primary business activity is manufacturing anything revolving around aerospace technology. UTC ranks as the largest manufacturing company of escalators and elevators globally. Additionally, the firm is the leading manufacturer of US helicopters as of today.


As a result of the developments he had made in Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) since 1993, UTC-was inspired to make him their own: an offer Louis Chenevert accepted without hesitation. Louis joined UTC in 2006 and was made the chairman of the organization. After two years he was elected as the president of the company, and in 2010, Luois also became the head of the board of UTC. On 8th December 2014, Louis willingly resigned as the CEO of the company because he had various responsibilities in various institutions like business Council.


Despite his self-retirement, his contribution during his leadership at UTC remains remarkable. To begin with, he increased the market size of the company since he insisted on the incorporation of sophisticated technology. This enabled the company to receive clients including but not limited to commercial and military companies globally. The most significant achievement of Louis Chenevert in UTC was helping the company to acquire Goodrich at a price of $18.5 billion. This was the most significant achievement since the company had for years been negotiation on the acquisition of Goodrich institution in vain. The most exciting thing is that Chenevert did great stuff in UTC without necessarily firing employees, publicly announcing his deeds, outsourcing to another nation, going against the environmental laws or paying the engineers peanuts.


Although many do not understand how Louis Chenevert achieved such greatness in business, his educational studies could be the primary motive. This is because Louis obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration in production management from HEC Montreal.